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Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri Dec 28 17:19:28 CST 2001

Martin wrote:

> On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 10:13  pm, Ron Dorman wrote:
> >>> the way i interpreted your responses was that you launched the bot for
> >>> your
> >>> personal learning and troubleshooting of the bot code.
> >>
> >> Which is exactly what I meant (more setup than pure coding, but
> >> yeah)
> >
> > what about my other question that you clipped?
> this one?
> > are you saying you launched the bot for the purpose of collecting
> > peoples
> > conversations, without their knowledge, so you could report and stop
> > what
> > you think are problems with evolt?
> As this one is mutually exclusive with the last one (ie they
> can't both be true), the answer is obviously "Not
> only have I never said that, I have explicitly said that
> that is not the case on several occasions, at least three
> of which have been this evening"
> If you don't believe me this time, there's no point
> in repeating myself again.

Not asking you to repeat yourself.  I don't see that one question was mutually
exclusive of the other.  I am asking for a clear, straightforward explanation
of you posts and assertions.

I am referring to this statement you made in a previous post in this thread,
which was response to my request to cease and desist with accusations and back
biting (bickering) concerning your bot - thepfy:

   Sorry Ron, I'm a bit confused. Which do you think should be the
   thing to cease and desist:
   1) Abusive behavior in an evolt public place
   2) bots which report it

to which i replied:

   neither.  the accusations and back biting that have
   been going on for several months now.

   but since you mention it, i thought your bot was for
   learning and troubleshooting!

you have repeatedly stated that your bot was for learning and
troubleshooting.  here you very  strongly imply that your bot was to find and
report abusive behavior.  the bickering i was asking to be halted was about
your bot being kicked off the IRC channel for logging the channel without
peoples knowledge.

i would like an explanation of your actions and posts here on the mail lists,
and in the IRC channel, about this situation.  no more double talk, no more
dancing.  i want to know what you were thinking, what you are trying to
accomplish and why we are once again in a turmoil with you in the middle.

Ron D.
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