[Theforum] evolt IA

rudy937 rudy937 at rogers.com
Fri Dec 28 18:41:37 CST 2001

> what do you think of the new lists i invented?
> [thetips] and [thearticles]
> i'm thinking of newsletters for people who can't bare with the load from
> [thelist], but still want to get updates from us

> i think thats a great idea.. thearticles would be a list of people who've
> signed up for the 'digest' version of our site - that is, they only get
> email announcements when we have new content. right?
> i think its super cool :)

> i know what you mean by "people who've signed up for the 'digest'
> version of our site" but this can easily be confused with people
> subscribed to the digest version of thelist
> why not call it an article announcement service or something

> ya, a 'want to be notified when new articles are posted? sign up below"
> kind of thing

> A newsletter even ;)

okay, a newsletter -- except that it'll only have the article announcements

i just think that "newsletter" might still scare away some potential
subscribers to this important service

(wouldn't it be neat, for example, if moreover.com signed up and added our
articles to their feeds? do our articles have to be rss or whatever they

anyhow, if i were a big fancy news service i'd be more inclined to sign up
for an article announcement service than a newsletter

what do we need to do to get this running?

did anybody have opinions on whether the announcements should continue to go
to thelist too?

my suggestion is we stop sending them to thelist but automatically subscribe
everybody initially to thearticles

this means the subscribe page is getting even more complex than it is now...

posting from a different planet, it appears

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