[Theforum] Let's clear a couple of things up, bot-wise

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Sat Dec 29 16:02:29 CST 2001

I've been quiet on this, but i agree with John.  This thread isn't
really accomplishing anything.  As a somewhat regular #evolt visitor, I
think #evolt is fine the way it is.  

a) the bots should stay.  its not the bots, but the people that use them
that cause any problems.  Plus, they're fun to have around to talk to
when no one else in the channel.

b) we don't need to log #evolt(isn't the government doing this for us
anyway?).  i understand accountibility is an issue, but should I start
CCing every evolt member on all my evolt related emails in case I say
something that might offend someone else?  we just need to remember that
#evolt is a public space and treat it as such

c) we don't need special guidelines for using #evolt.  everyone in there
is well mannered(most of the time) and doesn't need someone(an Op)
looking over their shoulder.

I think this list is spending too much time arguing about something
really stupid.  in the last 102 messages sent to theforum, 8 have not
been about this thread, and 5 have actually pertained to evolt and the
true purpose of this list.  Time to move on folks.....

> > This may be the most stupid thread I have ever encountered in 
> > 3 years of being part of evolt.  And that's quite an achievement.



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