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Sat Dec 29 19:06:46 CST 2001


Please do find something else to do ....

I'm entitled to my vote, without having to listen to your rhetoric because
you do not like the position I have taken.

There is no reason for you to continue to rehash your point of view, nor
will I waste my time in keeping up.  My position on the matter has not
changed, nor do I feel it necessary for me to restate it.

I'm feeling rather harassed by you .. and I really do wish you would cease
and desist.

Thanks in advance,


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| On Saturday, December 29, 2001, at 02:13  pm, miriam at wrote:
| > On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Michele Foster wrote:
| >>> 2. do we want archives for the
| >> -1  .. nope .. not unless ya'll plan to tape record beervolts and such
| >> other
| >> "evolt" gatherings.
| >
| >
| Miriam, Michele
| Firstly, thanks for agreeing that evolt should be consistent.
| Michele in particular, as one of the ones who pushed very
| hard for Admin to be publically archived, I'd expect you to
| be one of the first to want #evolt to be equally archived.
| Otherwise you're really saying "everyone else has to
| be open except me"
| However, there are a couple of points of difference to
| be considered:
| 1) Beervolts don't take place in evolt public spaces. If
|      they were in the evolt-owned bar, that would be different.
|      They're more like you talking about evolt in your own
|      IRC channel. If you want to post records of your own
|      discussions in your own IRC channels, please go ahead.
| 2) Beervolts don't have the kind of abusive behaviour
|      which #evolt has. I've been to every one (I think) of
|      the UK ones, and they've all had the same characteristics
|      as thechat. If you see a beervolt *with* abusive behaviour,
|      I'm sure we'd all welcome hearing about it, along with your
|      offer to tape it in future.
| 3) Taping and transcribing beervolts has a few more
|      practical problems than archiving an online text medium.
|      I assume that you're volunteering to transcribe tapes?
|     (for the record, I'm willing to archive evolt and handle the
|      publication)
| Cheers
| Martin
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