[Theforum] IRC vote - was: time spent, was: IRC Bot - thepfy

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sat Dec 29 19:55:34 CST 2001

From: "Martin" <martin at members.evolt.org>

| 1) Does evolt have an IRC channel? If so:


| Option A:
|      The channel is a public evolt channel called #evolt which follows
| the same rules
|      as the rest of evolt's public spaces


|      the channel. No other bots will be permitted in this channel.

hmm, i do think however that this 'only bot' should be able to do something
more than just log. it should have the merrits of thebot sans the picking
up descriptions of people.

| 2) Evolt members who want a private discussion can start one or more
|      private channels where they can have their own privacy and their own
|      standards of behaviour and archiving rules.


| 3) There will be a public evolt IRC channel for evolt members to try out
|       and interact with bots.



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