[Theforum] ballot not complete (and perspective)

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 30 16:27:55 CST 2001

On Sunday, December 30, 2001, at 08:25  pm, Chris Spruck wrote:

>> See, Chris, I'm a "will do B if forced, prefering A, but unjust, 
>> inconsistent
>> option C is a crappy option" person.
>> If you have the right to totally reject B, then I have the same right
>> to totally reject C, don't I?
> Absolutely, but not to the exclusion of A or some other proposed option.


You'll note that I've made a lot of compromises already, and done
a lot of thinking to try to produce proposals which satisfy most
people. There was a genuine concern about people not knowing
that they're being archived, so I came up with a solution to satisfy 
There was another about starting a separate channel for bot owners.
I satisfied that.

Every time I come up with solutions to problems, more pop up,
some of which have the feel of problems for their own sake.

Please also remember that there are also a number of people
who are very strongly determined that #evolt *should*
be archived because of the abuse which has happened there.

I'm trying to be honest broker here. I'm trying to find compromises
and middle ground, but I'm getting absolutist positions, absurd
rhetoric and abuse in amongst the genuine concerns in return
for being reasonable... What's a guy to do?

Here's an offer for you (and anyone else too) - come up with an
option which is fair and consistent with other evolt public
spaces being publically archived, and I'll happily put it on
the ballot.

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