[Theforum] ballot not complete (and perspective)

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun Dec 30 22:39:06 CST 2001


I like your proposed solution .. it's well thought out and I hope gets to
the root of the problems.

As far as the proposed operators .. I'm not an admin, so, it might be better
if I wasn't on that list .. but, I'm not sure if its a requirement.  Once I
find a job, it's very unlikely I'll be around much anyway, so, maybe one of
the other workers from home, will want to step up and take a position on
this side of the world.

Just to make sure I understand you correctly, only thebot will remain, and
his "addressing" will be turned off completely?  I think that's what John
said could be done.  All its factoids can be deleted, and he can be set to
not pick up on conversations?  As well, any archives thebot does make will
remain with John and not available to the public.

I would like to make one suggestion to your proposal, and that would be to
leave the possibility open that if/when there are ever official evolt.org
meetings (BOD?), Eliza could be put to use at that time.  Dean's done a fair
bit of work with her (it) .. would be nice to utilize her abilities only
when required, of course.



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