[Theforum] ballot not complete (and perspective)

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 31 01:17:47 CST 2001

At 03:16 AM 12/31/01 +0000, Elfur Logadottir wrote:
>From: "Martin" <martin at members.evolt.org>
>| Here's an offer for you (and anyone else too) - come up with an
>| option which is fair and consistent with other evolt public
>| spaces being publically archived, and I'll happily put it on
>| the ballot.

So what you're saying here is that you or whomever has decided for the 
group that you'll consider any option as long as there's logging involved. 
Not what I was looking for and you know that. Sounds like the Henry Ford 
(American automaker) quote, "You can buy one of my cars in any color you 
want, as long as it's black." Some freedom of choice you're offering. Whatever.

<BIG snip of Elfur's proposal>

Thanks Elfur! THIS is what I was looking for - I'm sorry I didn't express 
it well myself. Encourage all to play nice, don't log except for official 
needs, appropriate bot functionality, appoint and enable the ops team - 
sounds like a terrific compromise to me and I'd be more than willing to 
share some op duty if more people are needed - I'm US Eastern time.

I'm pretty exhausted over this subject now, as we all are, and I really 
don't want to prolong the agony any further than I already have, so I'm 
done. And (incoming hint) I'm not at all interested in discussing it 
further off-list either.

Thanks for reading - now let's find something truly important to discuss.


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