[Theforum] Re: newsletter vs. new article notification (was Re: [Theforum] evolt IA)

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 2 15:04:13 CST 2002

i can see where you're coming from nicole..

i guess the question is how do we keep the intertia(as rudy mentioned :)
while not PO'ing anyone off..

maybe we just mass-sub people on thelist to our new list, and them let
them opt-out(and i only say out instead of in because they're already in),
while *also* having the checkbox to sub to that list default to 'on' as it
does now for thelist when a person registers for evolt.org

its easier going at it that way than trying to manage subscriptinos from
the mailing lists. *and* i'd bet for the most part, when people sign up
for thelist, they're expclictly(erf) signing up for that list whereas when
someone signs up for www.evolt.org they may not know about the other
things we offer and will choose for that opt-in.

just some thoughts, thanks for the feedback :)


On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Nicole Parrot wrote:

> > | All of that said, I would prefer if the announcements still went to
> > thelist.
> Not me.
> If I choose to opt out of theheadlines, then I wouldn't want to see said
> headlines sent to thelist. If you force thelist to be subscribed to
> theheadlines, then you force people's hand in receiving something which they
> may or may not want.
> Yeah, I know, right now it stands that way. It's sent to thelist regardless
> of what people want. But if we're going to have this second list, then we
> should milk it for all its worth.
> I am in favour of force-subscribing everyone who's currently on thelist to
> theheadlines, though. And those who don't want to can remove themselves.
> Otherwise, inertia will mean that most thelist members would not subscribe.

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