newsletter vs. new article notification (was Re: [Theforum] evolt IA)

Michele Foster michele at
Wed Jan 2 13:26:00 CST 2002

What about "theheadlines"  ?   ;)

Lost in the mass of email .. someone suggested or made a point of saying
something along the lines that perhaps all thelist and/or all of the current
weo members could be sent this message.

While a good idea in principal (principle??), let's think about it a bit
more.  Do we really want to send an unsolicited email to all of weo members?
I'd say no .. and prefer that those that wish to be subscribed do so on
their own.  How can we advertise this?  Couple of ways:

* new article to Community News category,
* add to user page [both sign up and edit]  (in fact links to all the lists
should be provided on the user update page, not just a link to thelist -
more cross-promotion of,
* add to l.e.o. as another list one can subscribe to if they wish,
* and/or  some other idea(s) incorporated in the new IA.

All of that said, I would prefer if the announcements still went to thelist.
Can thelist just be subscribed to theheadlines (or thearticles)?

My two cents,


| Yup; thearticles should be just that, a 'new article' announcement
| We've discussed a newsletter, which could perhaps include new articles,
| should be so much more.

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