[Theforum] IRC vote - was: time spent, was: IRC Bot - thepfy

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jan 2 18:26:58 CST 2002

>Here are the items, which aren't mutually exclusive. The first item
>is a +/-1 vote with "if yes, then A or B", the others are
>simple +/-1 ones.
>1) Does evolt have an IRC channel? If so:

+1 option A if and only if there are sufficient willing ops and if 
all standards are written, agreed upon, and clearly published for ops 
and everyone else to reference as needed.  And the ops' names should 
also be published.

otherwise, abstain.

>2) Evolt members who want a private discussion can start one or more
>     private channels where they can have their own privacy and their own
>     standards of behaviour and archiving rules. The only evolt 
>interest in this is
>     that it is not labelled with a name which associates it with evolt.


>3) There will be a public evolt IRC channel for evolt members to try out
>      and interact with bots. This will also follow evolt standards 
>of behaviour,
>     and bot owners may archive this if they choose. This channel 
>will be called
>     #evolt-bots or something similar. If you go there, you know that a lot of
>     the chatter will be with, from or about bots and that you may or may not
>     be logged.

+1 with this caveat: all policies regarding evolt IRC and standards 
of behavior (& bots)  must be clearly published in a central location 
along with other official evolt stuff.

(& if necessary, links to more general IRC FAQ stuff as well...)


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