newsletter vs. new article notification (was Re: [Theforum] evolt IA)

isaac isaac at
Wed Jan 2 19:38:58 CST 2002

> > | All of that said, I would prefer if the announcements still went to
> > thelist.


They get lost in there.

> I am in favour of force-subscribing everyone who's currently on thelist to
> theheadlines, though. And those who don't want to can remove themselves.
> Otherwise, inertia will mean that most thelist members would not
> subscribe.


Not a fan of "theheadlines" though. The "the" prefix can get a bit lame
after a while.

It may or may not be too late to change (or consider changing), but we would
do far better service to our branding with names like:


But anyway...


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