[Theforum] Re: newsletter vs. new article notification (was Re: [Theforum]evolt IA)

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Thu Jan 3 06:36:08 CST 2002

rudy wrote:

> > maybe we just mass-sub people on thelist to our new list, and them
> > let them opt-out(and i only say out instead of in because they're
> > already in), while *also* having the checkbox to sub to that list default
> > to 'on' as it does now for thelist when a person registers for evolt.org
> that's it, that's it exactly

i agree, although Mike does have a good point

> and how you announce it makes all the difference in the world
> take a positive approach
> "good news! today we are offering evolt subscribers the added convenience
> of blocking those annoying article announcements that until today were sent
> to thelist!  these announcements are now being routed to a new list called
> thearticles!!  if you wish to continue receiving these announcements, you
> don't have to do anything!!  how easy is that!?!  and if you really really
> don't need the article announcements -- for example, the evolt site is your
> home page, and/or you pop over there several times a day already -- then
> just go to http-la-de-da-evolt.org and unsubscribe!!"

IMO 'annoying' is unnecesary, some people aren't annoyed by it

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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