[Theforum] Fw: Evolt.org logo

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 3 07:28:22 CST 2002

hey michele, are you referring to this image:

if so, what's so special about it?  it looks like a straight resize in 
Photoshop, which is something anybody could do...  i assumed we 
were using the logo page to hold images that were unique or 
original source files... if we include every size and bgcolor variation 
we see out there (that we could do in 4 seconds in Photoshop), 
we're going to have a fat page...

that and the fact that i'd rather see new logo sizes use aliased 
edges for smaller file sizes and to match our official web logos... so 
if that *is* the image you requested, can you undo that request 
(that doesn't mean to go undo, i just want to know if you'd be 
willing to)?

the last thing might sound like a minor detail, but as of now the 
only people who contact people on behalf of evolt.org are admins, 
and while i know you're on this list and others, i thought you 
resigned as an admin?  it's just that when you sign something "on 
behalf of evolt.org," when you aren't part of the administrative body, 
i get nervous that it sets a precedent for anyone to start believing 
they can represent evolt.org without having the nod to do so...

i don't mean it to sound petty, but it does concern me...

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> For the archives .. sorry, forgot to [cc] it. 
> | 
> | I saw the logo you created for your members.evolt.org account.
> | http://members.evolt.org/bravenewworld/
> | 
> | Can I add it to our evolt.org images FAQ?
> | http://evolt.org/evolt_images/
> | 
> | Thanks in advance,
> | 
> | Michele
> | - on behalf of evolt.org -

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