[Theforum] Fw: Evolt.org logo

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 3 09:21:31 CST 2002

so she isn't on the list that handles email and article approval.. so
what? she contributes a shitload of time and energy to make evolt better,
that makes her an administrator - not being a list which used to have
exclusive powers to contact people..

i'm not on admin at lists.evolt.org - does that mean i'm not an administrator
of evolt.org and shouldn't contact people?

i check the email site a couple times a day and the sidebar
on the evolt.org site for new articles, does the act of simply being on
that list give someone magical powers to be an 'administrator'? if so, we
should tell oliver he can still send emails as an evolt.org administrator
- he's on the admin at lists.evolt.org list after all - even though he moved
on from evolt months ago(if this gets to you oliver, sorry to single out..
nothing personal :)

the image thing is a different discussion..

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, aardvark wrote:
> the last thing might sound like a minor detail, but as of now the
> only people who contact people on behalf of evolt.org are admins,
> and while i know you're on this list and others, i thought you
> resigned as an admin?  it's just that when you sign something "on
> behalf of evolt.org," when you aren't part of the administrative body,
> i get nervous that it sets a precedent for anyone to start believing
> they can represent evolt.org without having the nod to do so...

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