[Theforum] evolt.org logo - setting it straight

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Fri Jan 4 07:53:09 CST 2002

OK, time to come ahead with my graphics design and advertising background...

the names of the elements may not be accurate (i've always studied it in
spanish), but the ideas are the same, this is a subject of passion for me. one
of the reasons i chose my carrer was to be able to work on logos

These are the fundamental elements in a brand, which should remain as consistent
as possible everywhere:

1.- the name itself: we agreed that the official name is "evolt.org", not evolt

2.- the logotype is the graphic representation of the name: "evolt.org" written
in Century Gothic, all lowercase - when writing in plain text, mail or on the
web, "evolt.org" must be written in lowercase

3.- isotype is an image that represents the brand and enhances the logo, our
cubes (also, nike's swoosh, shell's shell) it is perfectly legit to use the
isotype alone to represent the brand (like rudy's icon or jenny's x-mas thingy)

4.- full logo is the combination of the isotype and logotype. they have a
particular placement and size proportion that must remain consistent, there must
be a biggest and smallest acceptable size defined. so far we've agreed that when
used in small web images, the logo must go aliased

it is important that we repspect and protect these elements,
this makes me more convinced that we could use an article defining our logo

here are some examples of graphic identity manuals


How to design logos

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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