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My brain is full right now. I'll peruse over the weekend. Thanks for the
effort; I'm looking forward to picking up a bit of IA from watching your
work, javier.


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> http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/evolt-ia/
> Updated map and explanation, here's the copy:
> please comment!
> I.- The goals have not been discused (please discuss):
> main goals
> 1. provide a centralized resource for evolt.org
> 2. present the community to newcomers
> 3. provide spaces for participation
> 4. present all the features of evolt.org
> users
> people interested in web development, all over the world from
> professionals to curious people.
> they want to learn how to build better websites and share some of the
> things they've learned about the job.
> a. active members of evolt.org
> b. lurking members and regular visitors
> c. newcoming visitors
> II.- description of the maps
> 1. *.evolt.org - common pages for all evolt.org sites
> 1.1. evolt.org homepage - a bit of everything, has to show movement,
> community.
> 1.2. Common to all evolt.org sites are home page, join page, contact,
> world-map of evolt.org, FAQs and sitemap [the other way would be to have
> contact, FAQs, sitemap particular for each *.e.o. site] Please discuss.
> 1.3. Quick form contact - these pages offer time saving pull down menus
> to write pre built  messages for the most common contact topics:
> 1.3.1. member account problems
> 1.3.2. mailing list problems
> 1.3.3. development questions (redirect to thelist)
> 1.4. evolt map - i want to do another map with the info from the survey
> 1.5. what are the lists? - i think we need to explain the list in very
> few words, yet very clear (with links to subscription pages - i'm not so
> sure if this page should belong to the FAQs, the same info should be on
> the lists.evolt.org site
> 1.6. how can i give back?, this has been asked a few times (survey +
> contact), and i have the feeling that many people aren't too clear about
> how they can contribute. We could encourage intermediate users to write
> basic articles for complete starters that we don't have. Move the novice
> learners to rate on the articles they've read, ask for more on the
> comments...
> 1.7. donations - some members have also asked about donating spare parts
> or plain cash to evolt.org, others have been doing it all along in
> silence. (the rest is being discussed on theforum - horray for marlene)
> 2. articles.evolt.org
> 2.1. highest rated articles pages was already discussed some time ago, i
> even saw a prototype of od, i don't know what happened. It was a good
> idea.
> 2.2. Send to friend - recently discussed on theforum, useful
> 2.3. Member profiles, almost ready to go :)
> 2.4. Article view - there was a community i did some work for that had a
> member rating system, i'm not thinking we should use it, it's just a
> shot. I saw it again on other site today. You could either vote +1 or -1
> to each of the members comments - not the members themselves, you also
> won points for clicking your vote, this made a rank of the community.
> Maybe this could encourage participation. Please discuss.
> 2.4.1. leave space for translations, for when we start doing them.
> 3. lists.evolt.org
> 3.1. I still havent made my mind if it's best to separate each list, or
> handle them all toghether. Please discuss
> 4. tips.evolt.org
> 5. members.evolt.org
> 5.1. member pages could be more comprehensive than the ones on articles
> site. Here i've named member pages a 'cards' thinking in a searchable
> and browsable catalogue of cards.
> 5.2. Project cards - describe the members' projects being developed in
> their members.evolt.org space, searchable and browsable they allow
> members to find otherm members working ons some similar project, yet
> another chance for 'community tightening'.
> 5.3. Code archive - would this require it's own name code.evolt.org? -
> i've put it here as a closer tie to the author, as a way to enhance the
> recognition to the member for sharing. Works the same way, with 'cards'.
> 5.4. m.e.o. tools - admin tools and technical faqs
> 5.4.1. m.e.o. faq
> 5.4.2. apache server status
> 5.4.3. phpMyAdmin
> 5.4.4. Current statistics
> 6. browsers.evolt.org
> 7. directory.evolt.org
> 8. food.evolt.org
> 9. admin.evolt.org
> 10. store.evolt.org - are we going to integrate tagwear into the other
> sites? Please discuss
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