[Theforum] evolt spotting

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Fri Jan 4 19:34:39 CST 2002

Zeldman's upgraded us to his FAQ (he mentioned us briefly on his front 
page last month), along with webdesign-l:

Can you help me fix my Style Sheets/JavaScript etc?
Probably not, due to time constraints. You might join a web design 
mailing list, such as Steven Champeon's Webdesign-L, or a community like 
evolt.org, and post your question there. Be sure to read the list rules 
before submitting your question.

I really like the fact that he makes the distinction that evolt.org is a 
"community" rather than a "mailing list". And the fact that he 
encourages familiarity with list rules.


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