[Theforum] evolt-IA CORRECTION (v 0.4)

javier Velasco javier at mantruc.com
Sun Jan 6 10:11:20 CST 2002

elfur wrote:

>care to elaborate with us, what you're doing?

i tried to explain it in the text document, if there's anything you need more details about, please let me know

> - or rather how you're thinking this?

i'm not sure if i inderstand what you're asking... (how my mind works?)

if it's about how we will follow with the redesign process,
what i'm thinking of doing is

we discuss the points marked in the document as 'please discuss',
as well as any other idea we come up with during the process

then we document the decisions in maps, wireframes and other
kinds of documentation we are able to elaborate (those two docs are
the one's i'm most used to, i hope someone else will help with other
docs, and we can turn this into a vastly educative process for all of us.)

once all the functions and pages are documented, the job moves
to thesite, where we'll have more than a year of things to do, and lots
of codefests!

> ok, i've read JJG's visual vocabulary, and understand the core of it, but i
> still have a few questions, things like:
> - why are some boxes red?
> - why are some lines green?

my fault, sorry, i should have included a legend box

red boexs are pages we currently don't have
the green line is intended to make that page jump
clearly only one click only despite the distance in the map.
(that's not something conventional, i just got used to paint
search links in green because green is 'go', it feels fast to me)

dotted lines to admin site show restricted access for admins only
dotted areas are restricted to logged members
triple boxes are pagestacks, multiple pages with undifferentiated naviagtion,
for example, multiple articles on the same category)

> is this part close to completion in your opinion?

not yet, i'd like to get discussion first
lists site's structure is completely provisional and doesn not convince me at all
the members site is almost completely new, i wouldn't belive that the first map
of that is perfect the first time - that's just impossible -

we also have to discuss the labeling of the pages, most of the new pages are only
named by the first term i came up to.

in most of the projects i've worked at, the map changes constantly as the project
evolves, as we go defining the areas and sections in detail, they get refined.

labling systems are usually the last to get set in stone.

> and what are the next steps.

i'm thinking of documenting for each map or sub-site, section (we shoud also
agree in a term fot that) use cases for each priv level, not in UML, but just a simple table
then i want to document every page fo the site as a wireframe, this could be prioritized
and distributed in time.

i'm wating for the other evolting IA's to chime in with oter steps in the process and other
types of documents, (the methods i'm used to are the reflex of the most synthethised process around).

> (still reading your explanations and discussion requests. ... have to think
> about them for a while before i respond)



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