[Theforum] quick thought on our search boxes

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 12 17:57:22 CST 2002

> From: <evolt at spinhead.com>
> > i don't like the idea of using a select with the multiple option. 
> > many people, including some web developers don't know how to use
> > them. additionally it requires using the keyboard in addition to the
> > mouse.
> Usability issue, per J. Spool, Esq. & Co. - users look, find what they
> want, then move the mouse. So, if it's not visible, it's less likely
> to get used. Checkboxen, where possible, appeal to me more than
> selects.

i'm with joel and jeff...

my own testing has shown that multi-select boxes are slower on 
users, require more clicks, and have a higher rate of inaccuracy...  
less experienced users don't use them, and unless the box is large 
enough to hold all options, options beyond the view often get 
missed as real options...

sorry, multi-select should almost always be replaced with 
checkboxes...they have their place, but not in the search form...

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good thing we got the 256 level chip...

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