[Theforum] quick thought on our search boxes

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 12 18:02:02 CST 2002

.jeff wrote:
>checkboxes to allow multiple choice aren't difficult to code for at 
>all, ime.  in fact, from a server-side perspective i have to code 
>for a multi-select the same way i have to code for multiple choice 

Wait, I was talking radio buttons, not checkboxes. But I still agree 
with the way this thread is going, where we eventually allow for 
searching in multiple areas. But wouldn't the radio button option 
simplify things by only being able to choose one area to search? And 
wouldn't that be a good short term solution? Or am I showing my 

Rudy wrote:
>i know what you're saying, but i'm also from the school of thought 
>that says you should pick the low hanging fruit today, especially if 
>it's right in front of you

Yes. Exactly.


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