[Theforum] Listing of Work in Progress ... with a permanent url ...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Jan 14 18:51:32 CST 2002

hi elfur

thanks for taking the intitiative

looks like we are starting to get organized again

that's a good thing

> please send me (either directly at evolt at elfur.is or to either list),
> any and all alterations you have for the page ...

can i suggest we keep it on just one list?    this one

if there's anybody on thesite who isn't on theforum, it means either (1)
they don't know our lists well enough to decide where they want to be, or
(2) they want to partipate in site building but not the more esoteric
discussions concerning evolt direction and strategy

i don't think we should cater to those in category 1 by cross-posting, and
i don't think we should bother those people in category 2 who don't care
about the nfp, the survey, irc policy, etc.

that being said....

> Replying to individuals that asked to be contacted
> description of status and how/when it is going to be
> reported to theforum. listing of who's involved

the responses to individuals all went out in december

there were over a hundred, we parcelled them out to about five of us who

the individual responses should not really need further discussion

under your heading of "thesite" please add

~ members versus users -- terminology, standards, direction

i am hoping we can get back to my questions of the other day

this terminology conundrum is surely going to come back and bite us on the
ass if we don't resolve it


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