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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Tue Jan 15 14:19:34 CST 2002

Hi Javier,

On m.e.o. - Looks pretty good.  I would really ask for a "more info" box
so they could explain at greater length what they might be running into.
[Recently I ran into an issue/question about how to get Perl working on
my m.e.o. account.  Without a "more info" box, this form wouldn't have
helped me.]

On l.e.o. - Looks pretty good. I think I would change the wording on
"subscription address" to something more like "email address I receive
this list at".  I'm torn over whether a "more info" box should
(optionally) be added here.  I think the drop-down might be tuned to
handle 90% of what folks might run into here.  Maybe that's good enough
- maybe if they have a more involved question they should just post it
on thelist? <Thinking as I type.> Yeah, forget the 'more info' box.

On Development - If I understand the intent here, (I'm guessing that
this is somewhat in response to Lou's question/suggestion to have a more
centralized mechanism for members to report usability issues with
evolt), then I like the idea.  [OTOH, If it's to be used by someone like
me to say - "I'm having trouble with a custom CF tag on my personal
site" ... then I'm '-1' on this. Okay?]  If that's the case, then I'm
thinking this one needs more tuning than the other two.  There is a typo
in there.  I think I'd change the title to something more along the
lines of "evolt usability issue".  I think I'd change the "my problem
is" to something more like "the behavior I noticed was".  I think that
maybe there is a chance here to add a little more 'prefatory' text:

"Form for Reporting Evolt Usability Issues

This is the 'right place' to report usability issues you may have run
across on the evolt web site.  Whether you're gotten a database error
message while searching the archives, or pressed a command button that
didn't do anything ... Anything evolt is fair game to be reported here.

What happens when I fill out this form?  Once you fill out this form,
your comments, description, and email address will be posted in a
message on theforum where it will be discussed and perhaps acted upon by
other evolt members.  You can join in the discussion by joining theforum

Rest of the form stuff.

Doh! Never mind.  I guess the old brain cells aren't quite warmed up
yet.  It just kinda dawned on me that your form *IS* geared to first
time evolt site (currently non-thelist member) types.  Hmmmm ... I'm not
sure I wanna be 'mom-of-the-world' just yet.  I'm guess I'm kinda
leaning towards a parochial "if they are at their wits end and all that
concerned over learning development - make 'em join up to pick our
brains" attitude today.  So, I think I'd be against 'diluting' member
questions with questions from folks who aren't members.  -1 for now.  


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second attempt for feedback:

> ...are finally up for your review, i mocked the up in HTML
> http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/evolt-ia/quick_form_meo_probs.html
> http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/evolt-ia/quick_form_leo_probs.html
> http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/evolt-ia/quick_form_dev_probs.html
> (read the note on this page)

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