[Theforum] Re: VotingReqs

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Feb 4 12:47:11 CST 2002

> amanda wrote:
> >I see public polling happening on w.e.o and in such a manner that
> >*anyone* could participate whether or not they are logged in or even
> >have a user/login.

Matt responded:
> Damn! As Michele can attest, I was hoping no one would ask
> for anonymous polling. *that* makes it harder to keep the
> same architecture, as currently each vote is related to a
> userid. personally, i'd like to keep it to logged-in users
> anyways, as that would help enforce a one-vote-per-user restriction.

Ah. See I didn't realize that. And, at this point I am most interested
in getting the voting app working and workable and leaving the vagaries
of the polling app for later.

> also, amanda, i think everyone is pretty much agreed that
> running results should not be shown during votes, only during
> polls. so, i think we're good there.

Cool. And, just in case anyone had a doubt -- the results of the vote
would be available immediately after the closing deadline. I would think
that anyone with access to a.e.o could view the results. (Is that a
sticking point with anyone or am I being redundant?)

> thanks for doing that doc, btw, amanda. just read it a while
> ago and it's a great summary of features and will surely make
> isaac's life easier. it also helped review the db design
> isaac and i have been discussing.

Cool -- glad it's working.

- amanda

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