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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 4 13:11:32 CST 2002


> From: A. Erickson
> > you don't?  i can think of lots of uses to do informal
> > polls/surveys to specific groups of w.e.o. users, but
> > that's just me i guess.
> Look, Jeff. You have no idea how little I want to fight
> about this.

i don't want to fight about it either.

> I see in reading these threads that there's more than a
> little discussion about table structures and who does
> what and how with the PUBLIC POLLING app which wasn't
> even on my mind when I wrote the Voting Reqs than the
> Voting App itself.

ok, for the record, there is only one difference between pulic polls and
voting -- when the results can/should be displayed.  that's the *only*

> I guess what I'm saying is: help me. I don't know what
> to write about public polling. If you (you meaning Jeff
> or anyone else listening) want it wrapped in this
> document then put it in there.

does my note above help in any way?

if not, then let me rephrase.  the only difference between a voting
application and a public polling application is what you see when you submit
your vote.  with a voting application you see a page thanking you for your
vote.  with a public polling application you see a page showing the results
of the poll up to the minute.

hope this helps,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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