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Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Feb 5 12:08:46 CST 2002

FYI, or whatever.  some selections from a thread.  may be of interest.

At 11:12 PM 2/4/2002 -0800, Aaron Cole wrote:
>Where can I get one of those <body> t-shirts?!

Copyleft does them, but seem to be out:

You should try thinkgeek.com, but I couldn't find them in the 30
seconds I spent looking.

I have a <body> shirt done by the evolt.org guys, I don't think they
ever sold them, but you could ask one of the evolt admins how you
could buy one and support their site.


>  Where can I get one of those <body> t-shirts?!

there are some available for purchase at
  and another here (it's in deutsche)

i like this one, though:

:: jason perkins
:: email -> jason at somebodydial911.com
:: alt email -> jasonnperkins at hotmail.com
:: url -> www.somebodydial911.com

>Where can I get one of those <body> t-shirts?!

Ive seen them for sale at:



At 23:12 -0800 2/4/02, Aaron Cole wrote:

>O.K., I realize I may get a lot of grief for posting this, but I
>figured a bunch of world-class web developers would be in the know.
>Where can I get one of those <body> t-shirts?!

    You could make your own at Cafepress.com.  You might even turn a
small profit in the process, if enough other people bought them.

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