[Theforum] Changes to the VotingReqs document

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 5 15:55:15 CST 2002

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From: "Elfur Logadottir" <elfur at elfur.is>

| what happens if there is no anonresultsID ??
| can't the table be automatically ordered by userID?

No .. the table itself can't be (to the best of my knowledge).

| doesn't that mean, that when i request the data from the table, i get them
| ordered by userID and if there is no anonresultsID there is no guaranteed
| way of putting them in the order they were casted

Now you're talking about presentation .. how the data is ordered when
requested from the DB.  And yes, it can be ordered in whichever way we want.
And, we can select whichever columns we want too.  So, yes .. but that's at
the query level .. not at the DB design level.

IOW, regardless of which table the userid is in, we can choose whether or
not we want it displayed (and selected) based on what we put into the query.

What Jeff's getting at though, is that anyone with direct access to the DB
could, if they wanted to, create a different query and find out who voted
what.  It's an issue of trust.  Let's leave it at that, design the DB in the
most correct way to meet our needs .. and put trust in those that do have
access to not do something they shouldn't.


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