[Theforum] Re: Changes to the VotingReqs document

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 5 17:23:05 CST 2002

> ---Michele said:---
> Let's leave it at that, design the DB in the
> most correct way to meet our needs .. and put trust in those that do
> have
> access to not do something they shouldn't.
> -------------------
> No. Sorry. I think we have to come up with something better than that.
> Yes, we have to trust that the information won't be compromised.
> However, it's important that we determine ahead of time what counts as
> compromised and what we need to do to protect that data as much as
> possible.

As has been said, we can't have anonymity and the ability to change a vote.
And also, as has been previously stated, it's important that (due to the
fluidity of theforum discussions and changing opinions) we have the ability
to change a vote (before closing date only, of course).

If someone scours the db to find out who voted on what, and bitch behind
others backs -- then karma will fuck them in the end. If they go public with
accusations based on that information, you have proof that they've trawled
the database, and we shall deal with that accordingly (we'll add it to
member/admin code of conduct, and breaking that code without good reason
means goodbye).

Seriously, up until now we've had purely public +1'ing. I think that
presentation layer anonymity is a good idea (at least an option within the
app) and should be fine. It's also, technically, our best option (see jeff's
posts as to why even the clumsy dual-table method won't stop people tracking
the info).


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