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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
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I read your email .. a couple times in fact.

Please explain in greater detail what you mean by "protecting the data" ?

Is your concern that if I vote option A on question 2, that someone can go
in and change it to option B to suit their needs?

In order to address your concerns, I think we need some examples please.
Since its already been stating why storing the UserId is necessary in order
to enforce integrity of the data and to ensure that only those allowed to
vote only vote once.  So, if you have other issues, let me (us) know please.



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| ---Michele said:---
| In order to maintain vote integrity .. we must store the userID.  Why?
| because we need to enforce one vote per userID.  Without storing the ID,
| then the system can't check if I voted before or not.
| Sorry, Amanda, there is no other way to verify who voted and that they
| only
| voted once.
| -------------------
| I don't think you read my email. I understand this concept! I'm
| concerned with protecting the data.
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