[Theforum] Re: Changes to the VotingReqs document

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 5 17:29:19 CST 2002


> From: A. Erickson
> I'm thinking of adding a notation where the person who
> sets up a vote must check a box which states "results
> anonymous" (individual votes will not be shown) or
> "results released" (individuals votes will be shown).
> I can see reasons why we would need to show who voted
> what. In most cases, though, we wouldn't.
> Now, my question here goes to how it would work. I'm
> thinking that if the "results released" is checked
> then it kicks out after closing a list plus a tally.
> If it is set to "results anonymous" then we just get
> the tally.

ok, but this is just presentation layer anonymity, which i'm fine with.

> I do understand that it sounds like it is impossible to
> have total promised, uncompromised anonymity *if* we are
> also going to allow people to change their votes.

most importantly, we can not offer anonymity and restrict the vote to only
once per user.  since a vote isn't much good unless you can make sure that
each person authorized to vote only voted once, anonymity is the one that
loses out (from the database perspective).



jeff at members.evolt.org

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