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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Feb 6 00:35:32 CST 2002

i think it would be wise to define "evolt's voting body" before we go

if that truly means what it looks like it means, then the spec just
good enough

i can tell you right now (i'm not making a rule, i'm just predicting)
nobody on the site is gonna start developing a voting app if it doesn't
cover polls for joe public as well

Rudy, you got to help me out here. Just tell me what you think "evolt's
voting body" means. I purposefully left it nebulous so that it could
grow and change. Right now, I see this app working for theforum.
However, it could also work for admin or the entire membership. It
sounds like it will be based on privs. So, now why don't you tell me
what you think it means. (I feel like you're being a little touchy

And, also, I understand you're not willing to read. And, I'm sorry you
found the discussion "too argumentative" but I think it was fine.
However, you've missed much of the discussion regarding polling vs.
voting. I don't want to rehash it all again at this point. Please read
through the discussion if you can and if you're interested.

I had no idea that polls for John Q. were such a hot-button issue.

- amanda
amanda at gawow.com + http://gawow.com

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