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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 6 17:59:53 CST 2002

> Are we seriously looking at an evolt.org HOME page .. that leads to the
> different areas of evolt.org?  IOW, the existing weo site, will not be the
> front page?  A few recent articles, yes, but the "guts" of weo
> exists on its own?  More friendly, more intuitive, encompassing ALL of
> not just the articles?

Definitely. You'll see my ideas (layout-wise) soon.

> Yes, as I expected.  The 17.8% that said they didn't know they
> could is also
> significant, IMHO. And, hopefully that part we can address in the redesign
> .. making it more intuitive, etc.

They will be accounted for. I'm thinking that we will definitely have a
promo for article submission.

> I am so disliking of this .. yet I hear more and more individuals
> mentioning it.  Let's give it some serious consideration.

I'm confident that I can change your mind... give it time. ;)

> While we're talking about it .. I'd like also to suggest that we ditch the
> "Suggestions" category on weo.


> And .. I'd like to see the Web Business category added .. ;)

Once there's content there.


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