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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 6 18:25:41 CST 2002

> isaac wrote:
> >>From question 11 results, do you think it's safe to assume that our
> >redesign plans should cater, primarily, for people who visit around once
> >every 3-10 days (average of once a week)?
> based on those results? no. the people who took that survey are most
> likely primarily people who visit the site 3-10 times per week.

Err, what?

Based on our survey data, 30% visit *less* than once a week (i.e., every 10
or more days roughly). Another approx. 30% visit around once a week (every 7
days). And another almost 30% visit maybe twice a week. Very roughly
speaking, doesn't that average out to around once a week? Not "3-10 times
per week" as you've stated (might be a typo?).

I'm not sure what you're suggesting.


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