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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Feb 6 18:35:29 CST 2002

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From: "Isaac Forman" <isaac at triplezero.com.au>

| To spark some discussion, I've placed a GIF of our current WEO elements
| online:
| http://members.evolt.org/isaac/evolt/current_elements.gif
| They're numbered as they're (generally) prioritised right now. i.e.,
| 1 is in the most important position (top-left), etc.

Very brief thoughts ...

| Here are some of my thoughts:
|  - branding is right where it is.

yes, I agree.

|  - positioning statement is in the worst possible position! it should be
| in priority.

yes, I agree.

Add where am I know .. and where can I go?

|  - footer is fine where it is (duh)

naw, it should be at the top .. heheheheh

|  - the admin tools should have a show/hide facility, because right now
| they're quite long

It does have that .. I'm not objectionable to there being an independent
Admin section that one clicks on .. i.e. getting rid of it on the sidebar
altogether except for a link to it.  Doesn't affect me from a usability
perspective tho.

|  - the search tools are reasonably positioned, but take up too much space

They are ok .. but yes, one search would be better.  I'm more inclinded to
think under the nav buttons would be more appropriate place for it.

|  - cat nav is inappropriately handled, but appropriately positioned

Not sure I'd agree that it is appropriately positioned.  I *really* liked it
much better when we had the categories on the left side .. I think the drop
down box is useless.

|  - org-wide projects are well-positioned, but receive little attention

Sort of .. they might do better in position two .. and move the contact,
faq, home?? .. links up to the top left.

|  - org-wide info nav (contact/about/etc) is well-positioned, but poorly
| executed

See above.  Top left would be better, imho.

|  - account tools should probably be shifted to the header if they are
| org-wide.

Yes, most definitely.  However, the sidebar might do just fine too.. but it
needs to be broken up.  i.e. box for join/login, one for submit/contact,
where the rest of the sidebar ends up .. will depend.  we've far outgrown
the current "category" view .

Probably a bit too brief .. sorry, gotta get some work done.


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