[Theforum] Future WEO elements

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 6 22:36:32 CST 2002

> try it, you'll like it
> heck, if *i* can cotton on to it, it's *gotta* be easy...

It's not that it's not easy. But I don't like it.

Record whatever you want on there, but I'm not sure how granular and
opinionated we want it. I thought that we might actually establish the
required elements as a group before we record them (and thus providing a
spec from which designers can work).

> > - category nav
> > - organisation navigation
> > - general info (about/contact/etc)
> i didn't understand the difference between these three -- what is org nav?

Category Navigation: News, Commentary, Code, Design, etc
Organisation Navigation: BEO/WEO/LEO/MEO/FEO/TW/etc
General info (site specific): About BEO, BEO FAQs, Contact BEO, etc.

> and whoever said "cat nav is inappropriately handled" is hinting that a
> select list (with or without a go button) is wrong, and is himself or
> herself wrong, and i'm not going to argue the point except in
> person over a beer or three, because i know i'm right...

I'm arguing that it's inappropriate because people don't always notice it,
and it doesn't present to people (without requiring any clicks) what
categories we offer...


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