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Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 11:23:01 CST 2002

I need to get that Primer finished don't I?

Why don't you lot shout at me until I get it finished? *:)


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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 11:49:27 -0500
From: "Salvatore Palmisano" <spalmisano at usashs.com>
To: <thechat at lists.evolt.org>
Subject: [thechat] Channel

Do we have an IRC server/channel?
Something like #thechat or similar?

Im looking for a room to sit in that can be a diversion here and there
during the day...


WORK: http://spiked.co.uk/
PLAY: http://polytechnic.co.uk/

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