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Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Feb 8 15:21:57 CST 2002

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, rudy937 wrote:
> then perhaps i don't understand what you mean by "collaboration"

sharing files, schedules, notes, projects, etc...

> with a wiki, anybody can edit a web page, right?

> what we should see after an edit is *not* the he-said-she-said threaded
> archive of comments where we debated the fine points of including or
> excluding particular entries, but *the result of the debate*
> i am shocked by your phrase "harder to follow" because it shows you are
> still thinking in terms of process

now rude, you should know i'm the last one to have a process driven though

i understand what you're saying though, but here's a rhetorical question:
other than being very easy to enter and update content, what is the
advantage of a wiki over static HTML? i've been using martins wiki as well
lately, but maybe i'm missing some features..

> what counts is not the process, but the deliverable

..or the documentation of the deliverable

[snip analogies]
> see, all i want from whatever system we end up using, is someplace where i
> can go and immediately get a sense of what the final spec is, even if it's
> still in an interim state
> i do *not* want to read a hundred and fifty fricken archived emails to
> figure out which way the wind was blowing when we decided how to
> implement a polling application

on that same idea, i don't want to have to go to 5 different websites to
do 5 different things that will make doing evolt shit easier.

in a perfect world, i'd be able to go to one site that has everyones
schedules(so i know if you are around to to something DBish for example),
a list of projects we're working on(with their status, who's dong them,
and a rundown of what the project is), a set of canned responses to use
for answering emails/artciles/trim your posts/whatever, contact info for
emergencies or to shoot the shit, a 'notes' system for jotting down ideas
that may turn into projects, and a voting system. thats my perfect world.
a one stop site for all the shit to run evolt.

i'm not against a wiki or anything btw, and if a wiki can do all that,
rock on and sign me up.

> quick, where's the current agreement on the polling/voting app? where do we
> point somebody new to quickly get a feel for the work in progress?
> that was the beauty of the wiki, *anybody* can go in there and *add value*
> to the spec document, so that it always represents the sum total of all the
> thinking so far

ya, that is a nice feature, and one thats built in to our all in one tool.
if people don't like the interface, we can hang a wiki off the backend of
it on the same site perferebly.

> now, i haven't even seen it, but if this phpGroupWare thingie allows us
> build up a living spec document, and is as easy to get into as the wiki,
> then i'm all over it...

me and gc will keep working on it this weekend so we can have a demo ready
by monday or so for everyone to see..

i'm not trying to say everyone has to or should use it either :) if you've
got a quill and birch tree outside your window, and that works for you,
rock the hell on :)

this is just an attempt to provide shit that everyone seems to want in one
centralized location

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