[Theforum] Q. Public voting

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 10 17:30:31 CST 2002

Looks fine to me. Thanks for noting this stuff down.

> -----------------------------------------------------
> Public Poll? Private Poll?
> --Public Poll?
> 	Anyone with a login/pass can vote
> 	Anyone can view results at any time (will not show who voted
> what)
> 	Public Polls will go in a publicly accessable place on w.e.o
> 	Pollster sets duration of a poll
> 	Archives vote and results
> 	Interface is simple: question and radio buttons for selections
> --Private Poll?
> 	Set privs -- anyone with a login/pass on those privs may vote
> 	Set results -- public or private
> 		-- public -- shows tally and who voted
> 		-- private (DEFAULT) -- shows tally only
> 	Sends out notices at beginning and end of vote with all vote
> details
> 	Sends notice if the vote is changed at all
> 	Allows voters to change votes while vote is open
> 	Allows voters to see number of voters voting but not results
> during vote
> 	Archives vote and results
> 	Interface is more complex:
> 		Question and radio buttons for sections
> 		Memo field for additional information
> 		Shows number of voters out of total voters
> 		Shows time left for vote
> -----------------------------------------------------

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