[Theforum] User preferences - sending notification of comments

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 03:57:57 CST 2002

When I get notification of comments on an article I've
written, or comments following comments I've added to an
article, it tells me I can change my settings for these in
my preferences. However in preferences it only has one
option which covers both of these. Would it be possible for
this to be broken up into two seperate options, one for
mailing on comments following your comments, and one for
comments on your articles? IMO, they're two distinct

Also, would it be too hard to add a direct url to the
preferences in the notification emails? Yes, I know it's
only one extra click, but I'm lazy. ;)


PS, sorry if I have either of these things wrong - Yahoo is
screwing me round at the moment, so I can't check past
emails I've got to see for sure if I remember these
correctly. Also on a sort of related note, where does one
get directed after signing up for evolt? I can't remember,
and I was tossing around some ideas to do with this stuff.

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