[Theforum] User preferences - sending notification of comments

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 19 10:38:09 CST 2002

good idea. i personally like getting notifications when an article I've
written has been commented on, but not when an article i've commented on
has a new comment


On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Lachlan Cannon wrote:

> When I get notification of comments on an article I've
> written, or comments following comments I've added to an
> article, it tells me I can change my settings for these in
> my preferences. However in preferences it only has one
> option which covers both of these. Would it be possible for
> this to be broken up into two seperate options, one for
> mailing on comments following your comments, and one for
> comments on your articles? IMO, they're two distinct
> things.
> Also, would it be too hard to add a direct url to the
> preferences in the notification emails? Yes, I know it's
> only one extra click, but I'm lazy. ;)
> Lach
> PS, sorry if I have either of these things wrong - Yahoo is
> screwing me round at the moment, so I can't check past
> emails I've got to see for sure if I remember these
> correctly. Also on a sort of related note, where does one
> get directed after signing up for evolt? I can't remember,
> and I was tossing around some ideas to do with this stuff.
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