[Theforum] inventory

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 19 14:14:33 CST 2002

There have been a couple cries for accountability lately and questioning
of some things. Here's our hardware list along with current monetary
assests & liabilities:

Two relay servers each has:
450Mhz AMD-K6
64Mb RAM
3com ethernet card
6-9GB drive
VGA video cards

Everything except the 3Com cards were donated. 3Com cards were from my

750Mhz p3
648Mb RAM
3com ethernet card
2 9GB SCSI drives
1 18GB SCSI drive
Adaptec 2940UW2 SCSI card
VGA video card

128Mb RAM, SCSI card, ethernet card 18GB scsi drive(replaced one that
burned out last summer) are from my inventory, everything else was

850Mhz p3
786Mb RAM
3com ethernet card
2 9GB SCSI drives
Adaptec 2940 Pro Ultra SCSI
3dfx voodoo 3000 AGP card

everything except 3com card and AGP card was donated. 3com card and AGP
card were from my inventory.

1.3Ghz AMD
3com ethernet card
2 9GB SCSI drives
Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI adapter
On board AGP

everything except 512Mb RAM and 3com card was donated. RAM and 3com card
  were from my inventory.

dual power supply
2 500Mhz p3
3com ethernet card
5 9GB SCSI drives
DPT i2o RAID controller
ATI AGP card

everything except RAID controller are from my inventory.

3com 10/100 24 port switch:

from my inventory.

Monetary Assests:
$36.82 in cash

Monetary Income(Monthly average)

$100 to Chris Snowman RE: tagwear
$1000/month bandwidth/power/facilities

So, whats the next step?


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