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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 20 17:48:29 CST 2002

> i do have other ideas, but i'd still like to hear if anyone else is
> intersted in this, and what ideas they may have

You got my offlist email the other week about SEO, but that'd just generate
more bandwidth costs than donations. Oops. ;)

Could encourage donations amongst members with somewhat of an evolt.org
tax -- a marketplace situation on thelist of sorts. e.g., if I need someone
to customise a CF forum application, or fix some javascript for me, I can
source that help. Normally many people would provide some help for free. If
I saved $400 by help on the list, surely I could afford a $15 tip to the
member, and $5 to evolt.org? It'd all be voluntary, but assisted by
reminders, public hat-tips, and top 10 donators list.

(non-payment oriented) Could share the load by hosting various subsites in
different locations, but considering the struggle with even UEUEetc, we
could kiss any kind of shared member information goodbye. OK, ignore that

Have a Donation Day and see if we can crack a target by a certain period.

Make every second localised beervolt a watervolt. Donate every cent saved on
not buying beers to evolt.org.

Sell our souls (oops, done that).

Sell our bodies (oops, done that).

Minimise our bandwidth expenditure.


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