[Theforum] Prioritising future WEO elements

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 20 21:59:40 CST 2002

> Is "latest comments" admin only? I can't remember.

Don't know, but it can be made available to everyone I'm sure.

> >  - blog-style news (content)
> Is this to replace the "News" category? (Sorry if this has been
> discussed before ... )

Has been spoken of a bit. I'd like to "present" it at some stage so that
people know what I'm talking about.

> Add a "dontation" link to the brainstorming part. I'd like to think we
> can get the accounting/accountability hammered out before the new design
> is finalized.


> What about a collapsible org-wide header? (just an idea ... no thought
> given to difficulty of execution)

No -- need ever-present branding.

I'm thinking that collapsible admin functions would be good though.


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