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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Feb 21 02:48:32 CST 2002

On Thursday, February 21, 2002, at 12:18  am, isaac wrote:

>> perhaps charge for meo accounts?  it would certainly be easy to
>> rationalize
>> a buck a month times a thousand accounts and there's your co-lo costs
> I agree with that. We have a winner!  And even then, how fucking cheap
> is
> $15-30/year for such a variety of backend and learning opportunities,
> good
> sys-admin'ing, etc.

The thing we need to be careful of is that it still isn't seen as
a commercial hosting service, otherwise, we'll get people thinking
1) I can put what I like there (mmm run your pr0n business at
2) I expect a commercial SLA on support
3) Anyone can get one

But I like the idea, because it reminds me of something that
Arlen wrote on thelist:

"A slight digression which ties back into web design questions: Derek
Powazak in "Designing for Community" remarks that a barrier to entry
makes for a better community. The idea behind it is by placing a barrier
front of people, you weed out those whose interest is only casual, and
those who might be there just to cause trouble. Also, by having to pass
that barrier, the people in the community are more committed to making
community work. It's sort of like "Earnest money" in a financial
transaction. Make the barrier too high and no one comes in, so the
community fails; make it too low and too many come in and the community
gets fractious and tears itself apart."

This *is* earnest money...

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