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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Feb 21 07:48:45 CST 2002

Hi Dan,

Nicely done letter!  [Heck - it worked - so it *must* be good!]   ;-)

Just thinking ahead a bit on the Q.  I suspect that it's pretty likely
that there will soon be some announcements on 'discontinued' product
lines. {I'm thinking maybe in the April/May timeframe, (after the
acquisition by H-P)}.  [Y'all's (sorry Ben) guess as to what will stay
and what will go is probably as good as mine.  I'm just thinking that
since both companies do 'nix servers today ... ]

I'm also guessing there may be some consolidation of manufacturing and
engineering facilities around the world ... another event which would
lead to 'stranded/used/discontinued' finished goods inventory as well as
'test engineering' pieces-parts. [Maybe some of our folks in those parts
of the world could 'act locally - think evolt' and pester the local mfg

All of which should mean (a) some good sales to 'dump' inventory - but
also, perhaps, (b) an increased willingness to do the 'good corporate
citizen thing' and be nice to some schools, community resources ... and
maybe even evolt, while improving their balance sheet at the same time.

The 'big campus' Mailing Address:
Compaq Computer Corporation
P.O. Box 692000
Houston, Texas 77269-2000

Street Address:
20555 SH 249
Houston, Texas 77070-2698

<CYA mode = "on'>
None of the above is "insider" information.  Any and all of it could be
gleamed from readily available news accounts.

[Note for email address below - lets not 'bombard' them with hundreds of
individual requests or fling my name around too much, okay?  It must
have been just a lucky guess since every big company *has* to have a
community relations department!  'member - I got that new house to pay

Community.Relations at Compaq.com

I wouldn't set my expectations too high - but I do think it would be a
'low risk' thing to take a shot at.  [Heck - I'll bet Aardvark could
even whip up some nice evolt letterhead stationary too!]  ;-)


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have any specifc plans for the Q ? :)

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