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matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Thu Feb 21 08:54:58 CST 2002

> From: Martin <martin at members.evolt.org>
> On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 11:56  pm, rudy wrote:
>> a buck a month times a thousand accounts and there's your co-lo costs
> Yes, but that would have to be $1 net - remember that PayPal
> has pretty high charges, particularly for small amounts.

I would suggest charging in larger increments. I'd rather pay $12 once a
year, even if the service doesn't last the whole year. Or you could have
them 'subscribe' (Paypal offers this now) at 3 month or 4 month intervals.
You can set up different intervals, different rates, etc. So, maybe people
could choose $12/year, or $1.50/month, or $4/quarter, or whatever sets-off
the fees (is it $.35 + 3% per transaction?).

Warning: still may need to be a business of some kind unless this is a
"donations *strongly* encouraged, rather than required" situation.

Warning 2: Paypal is currently navigating some banking regulation issues...

matt g

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