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aardvark roselli at
Thu Feb 21 09:09:04 CST 2002

> From: "matt g." <mrg at>
> > having NFP status, however, makes donations much more
> > attractive to everyone involved...
> <not an accountant>
> Actually, I made a contribution to the evolt/meo/djc fund in December
> and, as far as I'm concerned, it's a *business* expense. Evolt offers
> me services and information which I use for my business. I pay for the
> value of the information I receive. In this case, i figured it was
> worth at least as much as 2 of those $50 3-inch-thick books.
> That seems like a legitimate business deduction to me - and it's much
> better than a NFP deduction, which comes after paying Self Employment
> taxes on the amount... </not an accountant>

that depends on your accountant... as a single male, i would do
better to submit cash to an NFP so i can add it to my overall
donations amount for the year and hit that higher cap (as of 2001, i
believe) i need to get a real deduction...  business deduction
doesn't fly since i'm not self-employed, and it's not coming from my

> So, NFP reassures new folks - but after spending a lot of time on the
> evolt fringe I feel comfortable giving even without the NFP status. If
> it's not deductible, it still doesn't matter too much. I was actually
> looking at it as spending part of the pointless tax rebate I got this
> summer. I gave *all* of that money away.

but that's you as an *individual*...

if we want donations from, say, companies (in the form of
hardware, software, or services, not just cash), then NFP is
absolutely more attractive to them...

btw, how do those hacks like the HWG get their dough?

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