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matthew garrett matthew.garrett at
Thu Feb 21 09:33:29 CST 2002

> From: "aardvark" <roselli at>
>  business deduction
> doesn't fly since i'm not self-employed, and it's not coming from my
> company...
Right. I was just pointing out that us Self Employed types have that option.

> but that's you as an *individual*...
Of course it is.

> if we want donations from, say, companies (in the form of
> hardware, software, or services, not just cash), then NFP is
> absolutely more attractive to them...
No question about that. NFP is the desired/preferred goal, but until then,
we can still encourage people to help out, for the betterment of their
community. Or we can at least make it *easier* for them to do so -
subscriptions, etc.

> btw, how do those hacks like the HWG get their dough?
I didn't know what HWG referred to, but... from
>> How much does it cost to join?
>> Trial membership in the Guild is free. Full membership in the Guild is $49
>> (US$) per year. A Trial member may remain a free member for up to a year,
>> after which the Guild requests that they join as Full members. For more
>> information, please see the Membership Levels Information Pag

Let's see... at $49/year, that would be 250 members to make the $1000/month

matt g

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