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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Feb 21 11:19:12 CST 2002


Sent the samples I have offlist to ya in a separate email. Based on the file
date, I'm guessing it was last April sometime that they were created.  I
think it came up again on Admin sometime in the summer when Marlene needed
the letterhead for some reason (might just be to have it on file .. but I
don't remember).


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From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>

| > It wasn't anything too exciting .. I just created a few samples in
| > Word, using your logos, and Dan picked the one he liked best.
| that's cool... being the self-proclaimed identity nazi since day one,
| however, means i tend to think ahead and like to be in the loop
| when others play around...
| this *doesn't* mean i'm gonna shoot it down or slow it down, just
| that like to know what's up...
| > If you want to do something else .. go for it.  We've not had anything
| > printed .. was all electronic.  We needed it to sort out the domain
| > name issues at one point.
| will work on that on the side... feel free to send what you have, i'd
| like to see it...

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