[Theforum] evolt network

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Feb 21 18:10:22 CST 2002

Hi -

Pass this along to anyone else as I don't have the mental might ATM to
do it myself ..

evolt's network is back up now, down for the last 3 hours or so. nothing
on our end was at fault. qwest has fucked up the services they provide
to us and my employeer and a fish market in chicago in some major way.

if it barfs again tonite, please be patient, and now that it's being
worked on. constructive activites to pacify your evolt.org fix if we go
down could include an article for the evolt.org site(to be sumbitted
when we're back up of course), or a crocheted pot-holder for dan.

in need of a beer, or else i'd have a more witty email..


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